1. Commercial Ventilation Systems: Why is it so Important?

    Don't take risks; hire fire protection safety services in Georgia to see how we can make sure you are preserved in the event of a fire! Currently, no cafe or restaurant is complete without a ventilation system. Today, installing a ventilation system in cafes, restaurants, pizzeria bars, and other public catering places is a mandatory requirement of sanitary control authorities and other state regu…Read More

  2. 5 top causes of restaurant grease fires

    http://www.fluesteam.com/2015/05/top-5-causes-of-restaurant-fires/   800-700-3583 TOP 5 CAUSES OF RESTAURANT FIRES MAY 30, 2015 Flue Steam’s services can help protect against the #1 cause of commercial kitchen fires. Restaurants are full of potential fire hazards, including both items that could spark a fire and items that could fuel it. For example, a fire could be sparked by an open flame, a …Read More

  3. Old Or New, High Temp Is There For You

    Do you have a passion for smoking meat? Do you dream of finding your smoker at just the right temperature? Do you plan your yard based on which fruit trees you can utilize for fuel someday? Does your favorite baseball cap have a picture of a smiling pig on it? Isn't it time that your simple hobby is realized as more than just a pastime? Now is the ideal time to open a restaurant and High Temp can …Read More

  4. Artisan Hood Cleaning

    Specific movements come and go in the foodservice industry (not technology specifically), but the way people look at food and the way it is prepared. Currently we are under the spell of a movement that places more value on food that is cooked with locally sourced ingredients. Ingredients that are local carry the psychological weight of supporting the farmer down the road, the orchard owner or the …Read More

  5. The Importance Of Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Clean

    Commercial kitchens see a lot of action. They are the room that holds every restaurant together, so naturally they take the most beating. In order to maintain a clean and health code friendly kitchen, it is important to keep everything clean. There are cleaning schedules that should be followed for a majority of kitchen appliances. Let’s take a deeper look at what needs to be cleaned, and when: …Read More

  6. Welcome To High Temp!

    Welcome to High Temp! We are your local commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning experts! High Temp is the area leader in kitchen exhaust cleaning, including hood and duct grease removal. Countless establishments call on us over and over again. Our professional, highly qualified, and nationally certified employees have a proven track record and will go above and beyond to provide the best customer serv…Read More