cta reviewsSpecific movements come and go in the foodservice industry (not technology specifically), but the way people look at food and the way it is prepared. Currently we are under the spell of a movement that places more value on food that is cooked with locally sourced ingredients. Ingredients that are local carry the psychological weight of supporting the farmer down the road, the orchard owner or the cheesemaker with his own cows. At High Temp we are proud to be a part of the local economy and a trusted partner for commercial kitchen cleaning.

Local Ingredients

It is a huge draw for a restaurant to partner with a successful business and offer proprietary menu items. Despite the prevalence of chain stores and the big box mentality of some restaurants, it is refreshing to see a small, niche restaurant succeed. These small locally focused restaurants usually put a different spin on the cookie-cutter meals we are used to. The restaurant becomes something of a community when they bring in the cheese guy or the wine lady.

Local Services

Now, national chain restaurants all have their place and most are just as locally focused as the independent artisan tortilla factory. At High Temp commercial exhaust cleaning, we aim to be the first name in commercial hood cleaning. No matter which sort of restaurant you own, it is a necessity to maintain a clean overhead hood system. Be it a small, single-hood kitchen or an  industrial facility with different stations and multiple hoods; we have the experience to do the job right.