Do you have a passion for smoking meat? Do you dream of finding your smoker at just the right temperature? Do you plan your yard based on which fruit trees you can utilize for fuel someday? Does your favorite baseball cap have a picture of a smiling pig on it? Isn’t it time that your simple hobby is realized as more than just a pastime? Now is the ideal time to open a restaurant and High Temp can help design a commercial kitchen hood system to meet your needs.


Let’s say you have found the perfect location for your BBQ palace. It is a structure that was once used to house a restaurant but the kitchen exhaust is substandard and the fans need replaced. Ordinarily the process becomes a huge headache if the entire system is not inspected and aged components are not replaced. The assumption that the old infrastructure is going to function correctly should not be left to the moment you fire up the grill the first time. The experts at High Temp can inspect, repair and make recommendations for your existing exhaust system.

New Construction

You have decided that the best option for your BBQ restaurant is new construction. The advantage of new construction is getting exactly what you want in the kitchen. The problem is, who do you call to maintain the kitchen hoods and exhaust system. High Temp can make sure your new hoods are perfect for your needs and maintain them throughout the life of the system. Call today for an estimate!