Commercial kitchens see a lot of action. They are the room that holds every restaurant together, so naturally they take the most beating. In order to maintain a clean and health code friendly kitchen, it is important to keep everything clean. There are cleaning schedules that should be followed for a majority of kitchen appliances. Let’s take a deeper look at what needs to be cleaned, and when:

Exhaust Hoods

Having grease build up in your exhaust hood(s) is a major fire hazard. While it is important to clean your hoods on a regular basis, it does not alway eliminate all of the grease build up. Cleaning your exhaust hoods yourself can also spread grease build up around the kitchen making other portions of your kitchen a fire hazard as well. To prevent this from happening, we recommend running your hood filters through the dishwasher each night, and having your kitchen exhaust hoods professionally cleaned every six months. This will reduce the chance of fire in your kitchen significantly.

Flat Top Grill

Another area where mass quantities of grease buildup can occur is a stove top. Your stove top should be cleaned on a daily basis to avoid the buildup of grease and food from the day. The grill should be scrubbed front to back at the end of every business day to eliminate anything that could cause potential risk.

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