An amazing phenomenon has taken hold of the restaurant industry in the last 10 years or so: using simple, solid fuel to grill or smoke meat. Well, not only meat but, who really gets as excited about a rare, grilled zucchini? The pinnacle of grilled animal protein is a thick, perfectly seared, medium rare steak. Wood fired pizza? It doesn’t get much better than that. One incredibly important consideration when deciding to use solid fuels is the increase in maintenance and the essential monthly hood cleaning.  


Wood and solid fuels like charcoal can provide a distinct, smoky flavor to the finished product. The use of these materials also provides an opportunity for marketing. Who doesn’t love the idea of an exquisite piece of meat grilled over a natural wood fire. There is a downside to using wood and charcoal in an industrial kitchen. The process itself creates a buildup of creosote in the kitchen hood or any sort of chimney that may be utilized. The wood-fired smokiness that makes a rack of ribs taste so good is also tied to catastrophic fires in restaurant exhaust systems.


Maintenance of your solid fuel cooking system should be performed a minimum of once a month. The added business that a wood fired pizza oven can give your restaurant could, if not maintained, reduce your dream to ashes. At High Temp, we are the premier commercial kitchen hood maintenance company. As with any kitchen exhaust system, a solid fuel system must be regularly cleaned. We can evaluate your needs and implement a cleaning schedule. Call High Temp today and keep the grill fires burning!