Welcome to High Temp! We are your local commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning experts! High Temp is the area leader in kitchen exhaust cleaning, including hood and duct grease removal. Countless establishments call on us over and over again. Our professional, highly qualified, and nationally certified employees have a proven track record and will go above and beyond to provide the best customer service experience alongside with spotless cleaning methods of your kitchen hood and exhaust system and fan to reduce the risk of fire. We are the best service providers that the food industry can turn to for grease removal. A properly functioning kitchen exhaust system is critical to keeping your business functioning at health and building code standards. It also directly affects your bottom line. When properly maintained, the equipment in your kitchen will last for years to come, reduce the risk of fire, and function as an asset to your business success. In contrast, a neglected kitchen exhaust system may result in premature breakdowns, fires, exorbitant repair costs, and loss of revenue due to kitchen shutdowns.

Each of our service team technicians are certificated by The Certified Hood and Duct Cleaners Association (CHDCA). Each of our employees are also fully insured, that includes themselves and their company vehicle. Every employee is also covered by workman’s comp, so you don’t have to worry about them getting injured on the job. Utilizing our latest advance in cleaning methods, High Temp will always be prepared to assure that your facility is in strict compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 96, the standard for ventilation control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. For commercial kitchen exhaust and duct cleaning that you can count on, contact High Temp today!