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High Temp Hood Cleaning provides top-quality restaurant kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning services. We have become Atlanta's largest commercial hood and duct cleaning company thanks to our experience and professionalism. Along with our primary services, we also provide preventative maintenance for exhaust fans and hinges, filter replacement, rooftop grease containment, and cooking oil filtration.

Our highly-trained staff consists of qualified and licensed technicians who place a high priority on hood and duct cleaning along with outstanding customer service. In addition to following NFPA 96 fire codes, we also comply with all local fire departments. By using our periodic, non-contractual hood cleaning services, you will keep your kitchen investment in top condition and remain compliant in all areas. 


At High Temp Hood Cleaning, we offer commercial cleaning services to keep your kitchen investments running smoothly. Our services not only enable a clean and welcoming environment, but keep you compliant and reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Commercial Hood Cleaning

From cook-top to roof-top, we clean your vent hood system down to bare metal per NFPA 96 standards. If you just opened, or can't remember when you last had a hood cleaning, give us a call!

Exhaust Fan & Rooftop Cleaning

Many hood and duct systems do not have an easily accessible system. We solve this problem for you once and for all with professional access panel installations for your commercial kitchen duct.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Your kitchen exhaust system catches charcoal and smoke residue over time, and must be serviced regularly to maintain a safe working establishment for not only your employees, but your customers!

Commercial Hood Filter Cleaning

We bring your hood filters to like-new conditions, with a thorough soaking and cleaning. Be amazed at the results in the overall cosmetics of your hood system with a professional cleaning!

Access Panel Installation

Many hood and duct systems do not have an easily accessible system. We solve this problem for you once and for all with professional access panel installations for your commercial kitchen duct.

COVID-19 Disinfection Service

  Our professional disinfection services can help businesses fight the deadly COVID-19 virus by using EPA-certified products that are effective against the virus and other germs.   


Every commercial business that cooks and serves food should have their kitchen grease exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis as required by NFPA 96, insurance companies, and other local codes. This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, schools, military bases, theaters, theme parks, bowling alleys, convenience stores, and more. 

Not only do our services keep your business running efficiently, but we keep you compliant with local regulations as well. 

Type or Volume of Cooking
Systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses, or senior centers
Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations
Systems serving high volume cooking operations such has 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking
Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations


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"Before now, our hood has never been professionally serviced or cleaned. The HTH team arrived on time and set up in a meticulous manner. Not one drop of grease or dirt was left behind and the results are incredible! 5-star service with a great attitude! Thank you"

Johnathan Woods


"Our new food store had a grease-caked kitchen, which was very hard to work in. Not only were they professional, but they did an excellent job. We are extremely pleased with the results and finally feel that we can utilize the kitchen to its fullest potential. We are extremely grateful for your work!

Aria Le

The Poke Bar

"My family consistently uses these guys to service our multiple Atlanta restaurants. We couldn't be happier with their service and professionalism. recommended them to several neighboring businesses. Everything is literally sparkling when they are done!"

Lisa Wei

China Wok


High Temp Hood serves customers in a wide range of industries, including food service, institutional, and industrial settings. If your operations involve a commercial kitchen, we are well-equipped to help.​

No matter what type of business or facility you run, we understand the unique needs and challenges you face and take all appropriate measures to ensure your complete satisfaction.



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How often should I have my kitchen hood exhaust system cleaned?

It depends on how much your commercial kitchen used. Follow the guidelines below for a cleaning maintenance schedule:

  • Monthly – Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations (wood or charcoal)
  • Quarterly – Systems serving high-volume cooking operations, such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking
  • Semi-Annually – Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations
  • Annually – Systems serving low-volume cooking operations such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses or senior centers

How often should I change my Kitchen Exhaust Fan Belt?

In order to ensure that your belts are in good working order, you should have them evaluated a few times a year. Belts should be replaced semi-annually to ensure smooth operation.

How often should my kitchen exhaust bearings be replaced?

Block bearings play a small but critical role in the performance of your equipment. Don't let bad bearings cause motor damage to your exhaust. Bearings should be greased semi-annually,when belts are changed, to avoid seizure of your system. If your belts are running smooth, then your bearings are most likely greased.

How can I keep my hood cleaning service sticker up-to-date?

After every hood cleaning service, we leave an updated service certification sticker to keep you in compliance with your insurance, local ordinances, and the NFPA.

In the event of an accident, does my exhaust cleaning company have liability insurance and workers' compensation?

All High Temp Hood technicians are all fully insured and covered by workers compensation in case of an accident.

Do I have my access panels in place? Are the slats in the grease filters vertical?

Kitchen exhaust systems are the foundation of your business. Keeping it properly maintained will ensure many years of trouble-free operation. However, it can be costly to fix if not properly maintained. Our company provides reliable service and maintenance for commercial kitchen exhaust systems and grease traps.

Does my facility have an adequate amount of access panels?

Access Panels should be installed every 12 feet and at every bend. A general rule of thumb is, if you can’t see it, you can’t clean it.

What do restaurant owners need to know when choosing a kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning company?

  • Verify that your cleaning company is certified and registered with the State of Georgia.
  • Ensure that your hood exhaust service company is fully insured and bonded.
  • Have at least one certified cleaner on-site for every cleaning.
  • Your exhaust system must be cleaned in accordance with NFPA code 96. Inaccessible areas aren’t acceptable.

Why is hood exhaust cleaning important?

To ensure the health and safety of employees and customers, restaurants (or places with commercial kitchens) must maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only improve the appearance of your restaurant but will also keep you safe. By preventing grease accumulation in your hood and exhaust system, preventable fires can be avoided.
High Temp Hood Cleaning will help you achieve the industry standard of clean to bare metal. The NFPA 96 states that hood, grease removal tools, fans and other parts of the system must be washed regularly to remove flammable substances away from substances riddled with grease