Disinfecting Services (COVID-19)

Curbing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Service Description

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads, food service businesses are known to be the most at risk for catching and spreading the virus to items, patrons, and staff. It is imperative that we take steps to reduce viral contamination in its path. At High Temp Hoods, we are committed to helping businesses fight this devastating coronavirus disease! Through our commercial disinfection, also known as a "pandemic disinfection", we kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces, resulting in a healthier and safer workplace. About our Professional Disinfecting Service (COVID-19): Our powerful selection of disinfecting chemicals are EPA approved and we strategically follow all of the CDC's guidelines to ensure complete sanitization of your facility. How it works: Whether your business has confirmed contamination or is just taking preventative measures, we will provide a free quote - which is dependent on the size of your facility and the desired service level. Our Products: Our state-of-the-art products disinfect and kill deadly viruses, such as COVID-19: - BNC-15® One-Step Disinfectant​ - GS High Dilution Disinfectant 256 - Maximum Economy Neutral Disinfectant -​ TB-CIDE QUAT® Cleaner/Deodorizer/Disinfectant